The first thing everyone said to me when I announced I was moving to Michigan was, "You're going to hate the snow! It's 8 months of winter! You won't be able to even walk out your door!" and so on. So far though, it hasn't been that bad. Now, I'm not an idiot. I know that the entire winter won't be hovering at 35 degrees. But, what can we actually expect?

Firsthand Weather, which, according to their Facebook page, produces short, medium and long-range forecasts to give companies in various industries, has released their predictions for the winter season for the entire country.

Firsthand Weather Winter Outlook Facebook Post

Most of these aren't really surprising. However, it does confirm something I've had a bad feeling about. That Michigan is going to be in for a rough one.

In their report, which you can read here, they summarized what to expect for the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes Region saying,

Though December will bring wild swings in temperatures, the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region will likely experience prolonged periods of below average temperatures in January and February. Both regions will face impacts from an active southern stream storm track, which will run from the Great Plains northeastward toward the Midwest/Great Lakes.

The report also goes on to say that,

Due to the lack of consistent cold in December, the lake-effect snow threat may persist considerably longer into the winter than one would usually expect.

I have to be honest...I have NO IDEA what that means. As a former Floridian I'm even more confused on what to expect for this winter season but I'm hoping my fellow Michiganders can help me out.

This certainly isn't the first sign we've seen that Michigan may be in for a harsh winter. There's a list of Old Wives Tales that warn of just that thing. Including, animals looking a little...fluffier than normal. And I don't know about you, but the squirrels in my neighborhood are definitely looking a little plump. Check out the other old wives tales below.

Harsh or mild I have a feeling that my very first winter experience is going to be a doozy. Have some random tips? Lord knows I need them! Give your advice by hitting the chat button on our app.

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