There has been much debate over how to keep Michigan students and staff safe after the fatal November 2021 Oxford High School shooting that claimed the lives of several students and teachers. Although Oxford High School won't re-open until  the week of January 24th, the Oxford School District has announced several new security measures which included issuing clear backpacks to middle school students upon their return from winter break.

Although elementary students have not been issued the new clear backpacks, they are required to leave personal items in cubbies upon entering the school building and once the high school is re-opened, students are required to use clear backpacks for their belongings.

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Additional security measures in Oxford include new software to manage incoming and out-going content, increased presence of law enforcement, and the hiring of additional staff and private security for every building. Already, several Michigan schools have followed suit and implemented similar security measures, including the use of clear backpacks at Lake Orion High School.

Why Clear Backpacks?

The concept of clear backpacks is not something new. In light of threats and in response to the pandemic, many public gatherings have now made clear bags standard procedure to expedite entry and decrease staff handling of the public's personal items. Attend any large concert or sporting event and you'll find clear bags to be the new norm. Even at Wings Event Center, clear bags are now required for all events and K-Wings Hockey games.

Safety First

Though some feel these new safety policies invade students' privacy, schools must carefully address every threat made, no matter how credible they seem. Just today authorities were investigating a threat received at Pennfield Schools in Calhoun County.

Would you like to see West Michigan schools implement this new clear bag policy?

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