Christopher Titus and Rachel Bradley both gave intensely funny and edgy performances Friday Night in Grand Rapids.

The doors opened at the Wealthy Theatre to the extended version of "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince playing over the house speakers.  As a Prince fan, I was thrilled.  That was followed by an hour of Prince music leading up to Rachel Bradley taking the stage.  Could Christopher Titus by a huge Prince fan like myself I wondered to myself.  OK, that's a lie...I wondered it on twitter.

I then tried to make him my best friend by showing off my Prince gear.

OK, back to the show.  Christopher Titus is known for taking some of the dark moments that happened in his as a child and turning them into laughs.  However, this show is quite a bit different.  This was a comical, edgy and surprisingly patriotic take on politics.  It wasn't Trump bashing nor was it snowflake name calling.  It was Titus picking everyone apart from the Democrats and Republicans all the way to the people that follow them like they are cult leaders.

What impressed me the most about both Christoper Titus and Rachel Bradley is how they interact with their fans.  Not only are they constantly responding to their people on twitter but they also come out after the show to get pictures and sign autographs.  They spent time with every single person after the show.  I can not stress how rare that is in this business right now.

If you get a chance to see Christopher Titus, do it!


BONUS VIDEO:  Christopher Titus Talks To Marshall and McGregor


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