Skyler Stone from Portage took the stage in California at Cal Jam and blew the audience away.

This past weekend I traveled to  LA California for the opportunity to attend Cal Jam 2018. If you are not familiar with the event, it is a celebration of Rock music and according to the web-site

This daylong marathon of eating, drinking and rocking.

This year through, there was a special addition to the event, they added comedy! Taking the stage to open for Tenacious D was Southwest Michigan native Skyler Stone! I have known Skyler for many years, in fact I am proud to boast that I knew him before he was famous! Check it out what states...

He started his career in radio at WRKR in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Skyler was an intern for the WKFR morning show back in the 90's and I was lucky to work with him, and call him a friend.

He has enjoyed so much success and that is just the start. Skyler has a number of projects in the works...

  • A movie coming to Netflix in a month
  • Is coming out on season 2 of Corporate on Comedy Central
  • Has 4 commercials currently on TV for Sanderson Farms Chicken
  • Has 3 radio commercials coming out for Sanderson Farms Chicken
  • Comedy Rocks has sold out all year at the Comedy Store (where he performs)
  • He is starting a Podcast

I highly recommend that if you are ever in LA check out one of his live shows, you will not be disappointed!


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