I was starting to lose hope!

After what's felt like forever, one of the newest take-out spots in Southwest Michigan is finally celebrating it's grand opening in nearby Three Rivers, Michigan.

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The business in question, No. 1 Chinese, is located right next door to the old Beam Audio storefront near Rite-Aid. What was once a former tattoo shop has been transformed into Three Rivers' tiniest take-out spot. The brand new Chinese restaurant celebrated its grand opening just last week.

Residents noticed the sign outside the restaurant had changed from "coming soon" to "opening October 15"; after all this time I didn't take them at face value but they sure showed me!

Here's the lowdown on No. 1 Chinese:

Is it take-out only? There are a few chairs and tables inside, but it's meant to be more carry-out style. Call ahead or order online.

What are the hours? Open 7 days a week until 9:30 p.m. Weekdays they open at 11:00 a.m. for lunch and on weekends doors open at noon.

What's the menu like? Glancing at their online menu it looks like all your favorites are available like sweet n sour Chicken, fried rice, crab rangoon...I have to stop there because I'm getting too hungry.

Three Rivers Chamber of Commerce via Facebook/No. 1 Chinese
Three Rivers Chamber of Commerce via Facebook/No. 1 Chinese

From what I've heard the parking lot gets pretty packed during prime hours, but locals say it's worth the wait!

  • "We got a carry out today and it was delicious. Great flavor. We will go back again soon. A little crazy in there but they will get it all worked out." - Kathy Horn Appoloni
  • "We ordered 3 meals plus wonton soup and egg rolls. Very affordable and delicious" - Diann Lynn King
  • "Have called 32 times since 4 pm. Can't get through...super busy and can't answer orders right now. That's a good thing though. Congratulations on a successful opening and looking forward to trying this place." - Sandra Durren

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