Well this was certainly unexpected!

As sad as it is to say this, it seems like we've all gotten so used to hearing about sudden and unexpected business closings in this post-pandemic world that no one seems to even bat an eye anymore.

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No doubt the hardest hit among these businesses have been the local mom and pop shops. Which is why it's so surprising to learn that one major fast food chain is set to close its doors for good here in Southwest Michigan.

Residents of Centreville, Michigan got a unwelcomed surprise today when they learned they're about to lose one of the town's most popular fast food chains at the end of the month.

Owners Jim and Laura Maynard told the Sturgis Journal they have made the difficult decision to close their Centreville McDonald's restaurant within the coming weeks saying,

Centreville is a great community; we’ll miss being a part of it. There’s a great family feeling in the community and we always strived to do what we could to contribute to that

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What Happened?

Just to add to the confusion it seems the couple wish to remain tight-lipped regarding the details of their decision to close however, a quote from Jim in Sturgis Journal says,

It’s a financial decision (but) I don’t know that I’m comfortable talking specifically about the circumstances … I mean, we’re a franchisee of McDonald’s.

Because such a major corporation as McDonald's is involved it's not surprising that the couple are unable to reveal details of the state of their business affairs; but what does this mean other nearby McDonald's locations?

Who's Next?

According to the publication the couple's other McDonald's franchises across in Calhoun, Branch, and St. Joseph County will remain open. In fact, the 40-some employees at the Centreville location have been offered jobs at the Maynard's nearby stores.

Centreville was fortunate enough to have a McDonald's as is, but now that the location's final day of operation is set for October 31, 2023, where will locals go when they need their food fast?

Looks like their limited options will include Subway, something microwaveable from Dollar General, or they'll have to make the drive to nearby Three Rivers. Sad!

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