Like we need an excuse to eat tacos and drink beer am I right? But I'm not the kind of guy to pass on a holiday, I'm a traditionalist. So the fact there is an International Taco Day coming up on Sunday October 4th has me excited that Bell's Brewery is hosting a virtual event called Taco Funday on the same day. The event will feature special taco recipes, tunes, pairings, events and more, as they take the event live on their Facebook.

There are MANY different places to get tacos in and around Kalamazoo. There's the annual Taco Fest that's held on the east side of MI, you can trek the ultimate taco trail in Kalamazoo, travel to galesburg to try some of the hottest hot sauce around, or even try Showdown In Detroit' Champion Torti Taco in Battle Creek. Heck, a few years ago there was a place selling a $60 taco. I think it's quite clear what SWMI's favorite food is and there's good reason for it.

Bell's claimed on their website that they'll be doing a pairing using Two Hearted with some McDevitt tacos. Personally, if you're eating chorizo tacos, you'll want to pair it with something creamy and dark, like their Imperial or Vanilla Black Note Stout. For Chicken tacos, I'd suggest something fruity, maybe their Juicy IPA or Oberon if it's still available. Then, you rock some pork or beef tacos with some Hopslam. That's just my suggestion though.

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A Little Trip to Little Mexico


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