Pocket change won't get you this tasty snack, you will need a credit card.

Taco's are just delicious! A couple times a week I pop into my local taco bell for lunch and I order the same thing each time; 2 soft shell taco supreme's and a chips and cheese (if you don't believe me, stop by and ask the drive through lady, she knows me).  My bill is just over $5, but now I can purchase 1 (yes, 1) taco for $60 (guarantee that if that price was the norm, I would never eat a taco).

Just east of us in Detroit, a new restaurant has opened their doors, and it's not cheap to grab a seat and eat. The Detroit Free Press reports that M Cantina in Dearborn feels that...

"There is a movement right now that chefs in big cities are pushing to showcase real Mexican food that is hand crafted and takes hours to cook"

In fact, if you want to try the pricey taco you must call ahead and the serving size is actually 3 taco's and the total cost is $180!

What is in this $60 taco...

  • Seared American Wagyu beef (not really sure what that is)
  • A knob of Hudson Valley foie gras (again...not sure what that is)
  • Pearls of Golden Osetra caviar
  • Shaved black trufles
  • Topped with leaves of the succulent ice plant
  • Served with a side of Hawaiian salt
  • Smokey morita sauce
  • Roasted grasshoppers (they say "for crunch")

Now, as I said, I love a good taco! Here is what is in my beloved Taco Bell taco

What is in the classic Taco Bell Taco Supreme...

  • A crunchy corn tortilla
  • Seasoned ground beef
  • reduced fat sour cream
  • shredded lettuce
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • diced tomatoes

Oh yea, it only costs $1.69, which is a $58.31 difference!

With that price point ($1.69) I promise that I will enjoy my Taco Bell taco much more then the super fancy taco. (Besides, I don't even know the half of what is in the M Cantina taco). I think I just like it simple!


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