Tacos and Tequila go hand in hand, as someone who gets together on a weekly basis with friends for Taco Tuesday, I can tell you that statement is absolutely true. Whether you like chorizo, steak, chicken, ground beef, or any other kind of taco, a margarita or a few for that matter can always make the occasion better. If you're feeling bold you can always take tequila shots straight, with a dash of salt, and a bite of lime.

Whiskey is one of the smoothest drinks on the planet, but will definitely still bring the party out of you after enough. Most people who drink whiskey choose to do so casually to avoid the rambunctious party that could ensue and tends to have a more relaxed time. Whiskey seems more like a drink that you have with steak and potatoes or maybe a pasta dish, but tacos could be intriguing.

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According to an article on mlive.com Barrios Tacos, Tequila, and Whiskey will be opening up in downtown Kalamazoo in the Haymarket Plaza. The official location of the restaurant will be on the main floor of a building at 215 E Michigan Ave. The building will be undergoing rehabilitation under an approved Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act District for the owners, 215 EM Partners, a subsidiary of Treystar. This location will be the 4th location in Michigan, the other 3 are in East Lansing, Traverse City, and Grand Rapids. 

Commissioner Jeanne Hess visited the Grand Rapids location and said that the building was similar in a way that it was older and had been redone, people were enjoying themselves, and it overall had "good energy". If that wasn't a factor in helping make the decision to bring the business in then I think the next statement might. Commissioner Hess also said any business that can be placed in this space to help the Haymarket Plaza thrive is great.

What do you think of the idea of Barrios Tacos, Tequila, and Whiskey coming to downtown Kalamazoo?

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