It's not as bad as it sounds.  In fact, the videos are hilarious.

We tend to playfully poke fun of the Buckeye State in our series "Ohio, Stop It."  This time it's a little bit different.  This story is so cute we're like, "Ohio, stop being so dang cute."

A nursing home in Blanchester, Ohio uploaded a series of videos of a little harmless indoor deer hunting at their facility.  One of those videos went viral on facebook as it was viewed over 33 million times was shared nearly 490,000 times last week.

In the video below you'll see sweet, adorable nursing home residents having a little too much fun gunning down Continental Manor staff members dressed as reindeer with nerf guns.  I mean, they are livin' it up.

If you can't see the video embedded above please click here.

Local TV stations all over Ohio and the nation started covering this story.  Clearly, nobody has dealt with the harsh reality of this Covid-19 pandemic like nursing homes have.  Specially in Ohio.  I think this series of video out of Ohio breathed hope into all of when we need it the most.  And now, we all want to follow suit and bring nerf guns to work.  Who's with me?

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