Now that spring is finally back in Michigan, all we need is this cold weather to leave and we will be officially out of the 'winter' mood. Most of that time is spent indoors being miserable about what feels like living in a freezer. But some people are out in the snow making the most of their time and I think it's something I might consider doing.

My Dad used to build igloos with us when we were kids. He even built a patch of ice for us to skate on, but he never did anything this extravagant. Reddit is always a cool place to find some off the wall stuff, and one user showed us just how dedicated his father was to keeping his kids outside and staying active during the winter:

Photo from annierau
Photo from annierau on Reddit

This person's Dad made them winter snow castles. My childhood would have been so much cooler if I had one of these growing up. I'm gonna attempt this next winter and see if I can pull it off.




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