I think we've hit that point in winter where we all just want the snow to go away and return to those steady 50 and 60 degree days. We all seem to have our own ways of coping with the cold and hold onto the anticipation of longer sunny days. One Michigan town had an awesome way of lifting everyone's spirits.

Spring time means baseball, cold brews and flowers are gonna be in full bloom and the town of Rockland, Michigan in the Upper Penninsula caught a very creative picture that shows their trees in first bloom:

The caption on the photo reads:

Spring is on the way! The trees already have buds on them!

Buds. HA! This town most definitely isn't letting winter bringing their spirits down. The picture itself was actually captured last spring and over the course of the year has already been shared over 300,000 times! Just goes to show you that winter doesn't always have to be bad.



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