It's always hard to find a good place to get nice women's clothing. Luckily for Kalamazoo there's no shortage of places to buy from, with Crossroads Mall, Kalamazoo's Mall and the countless strip malls that we have. But for those who live a half hour to forty minutes away from Kalamazoo, you normally don't have many options but to drive into the city if you want to go to a big store. Luckily, small towns and cities have their own little secrets that sometimes big cities miss out on, while relying on locally owned shops. One boutique in Allegan is still going strong through the pandemic and has recently put their new layout on display.

Blessings & Bravery Boutique is located at 118 Locust St, Suite 103 Allegan, MI and describe their style of clothes as, "comfy and cute together with an extensive selection of casual attire, and a body positive boutique to find your favorite clothing, accessories, and more." Recently they rolled out a brand new look to their store which you can view below:

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Blessings & Bravery Boutique's New Layout


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