Browsing through social media and ignoring responsibilities, as one does, I stumbled upon an article from highlighting the ginormous dishes offered at Mallie's Sports Bar & Grill in Southgate.

Specifically, the article was focusing on their giant tacos which are impressive. I mean...just LOOK at it.

There's no way, even at my hungriest, I'd be able to finish that dish. In fact, after doing some research, it looks like various restaurants all over Michigan offer giant dishes with the promise of reward to whomever can finish them. Here are just 6 Michigan food challenges that I guarantee you can't beat.

1. Mallie's Sports Bar & Grill

Since we're on the subject of Mallie's, they also offer HUGE burgers. Their claim to fame is creating the largest commercially available burger. Thankfully, the one involved in the challenge is slightly smaller. Instead, for Mallie's challenge you'll have to consume a 10lb burger in two hours or less. It also comes with lettuce, tomato and onion. If you do complete this challenge your burger will be free, your picture will go on the wall, and you'll earn yourself $100. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

2. Meat BBQ

Located in Lansing, Meat BBQ challenges you to the Ultimate Carnivore Food Challenge. You'll have 45 minutes to devour The Boss Log which consists of pork, brisket, 2 burger patties, bacon, bacon gravy, fries, three types of cheese, jalapenos, hot garlic sauce and a sunny side egg in between two buns. All I can say is...good luck and bring your Tums! To see their full menu, find Meat on Facebook.

3. The Parlour of Jackson 

If you have a sweet tooth the size of Texas, this is a challenge you might be able to overcome. With their Dare to be Great challenge, you'll pick 21 scoops of ice cream which will then be topped with cherries, strawberries, chocolate sauce, nuts, pineapple, marshmallow, and of course, whipped cream. If you finish it in an hour you'll get it for free! Otherwise, this challenge will cost you $49.99. They have a smaller challenge called the Baby Dare to be Great. You can find details on their Facebook page.

4. Dog Central 

If you're taking a trip to Mt. Pleasant here's a challenge you can attempt to conquer. Dog Central will present you with three foot-long hotdogs with chili and your choice of toppings. But, it doesn't stop there. The hotdogs are on a bed of french fries, which you'll also have to finish along with a stack of onion rings and a 20oz pop. Too much to handle? Check out their other, less taxing challenges on Facebook.

5. Tios Mexican Cafe 

Based in Ann Arbor, Tios Mexican Cafe has the one challenge I think I might be able to finish. This girl loves some nachos. Which is perfect because this challenge is aptly named Mt. Nacheesmo. You'll have 45 minutes to down a 5lb mountain of nachos topped with beef, chicken, pork, beans, cheddar and Monterey jack cheese. This challenge is a little different because of the fact that, once you start, you cannot leave your table until the plate is clean or the 45 minutes is up. If you fail you'll be coughing up $50. If, however, you win you'll receive a free t-shirt, the nachos will be free and your picture will hang on the wall. Before accepting this challenge you should keep in mind that Mt. Nacheesmo is designed to feed 4 to 5 adults. Find more information on their Facebook page.

6. The Wooden Shoe 

While I wasn't able to find a picture of this specific challenge, I did find a proud winner. The Wooden Shoe, just up the road in Holland, offers the Southern Slam Challenge. It features a 12 egg omelet which is stuffed with cheese, onion, hash browns, sausage and is then covered with cheese and sausage gravy. You'll have 45 minutes to complete the challenge which will earn you a t-shirt and your name on the wall. The omelet, of course, would also be free of charge if you finish. That's a big IF.

So, what do you think? Would you have what it takes to complete any/all of these challenges? If this becomes your 2021 goal I would also make sure to pack the essentials: heartburn medication and stretchy pants.

These are just a few of the challenges around Michigan. Find more on and

As well, last year a professional competitive eater (how did I not choose that as a career) took on a few Michigan food challenges. See how he did below.

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