You know that show Man vs Food? Yeah, somehow that man made everything look delicious even though he was, quite literally, shoveling food into his face for every episode. I never understood the appeal of food competitions. I love my food, yes, but I don't want to be suffering for days on end afterwards.

But, competitive eaters are still a thing. In fact, one man just beat four different challenges right here in Michigan. As reported by, 35 year old Mark Gdd who lives in New York, recently traveled to Michigan for the sole purpose of claiming victory over our food challenges. He told that he originally got into competitive eating to, wait for it, lose weight! Excuse me?? Which doctor is he going to and how do I get the same meal plan?

Here he is attempting to consuming the entire brunch menu at Cheesecake Factory...

Again, not my thing.

So, which challenges did he complete while in the mitten? There were four different restaurants he visited.

1. Bagger Dave's Burger Tavern, Grand Rapids

Google Maps Street View of Bagger Dave's Burger and Tavern

Bagger Dave's Burger Tavern issues a challenge called the Freight Train Challenge. It's 3 pounds of food that you have to eat in one sitting. Matt finished the meal in 11 minutes and 34 seconds. It takes me that long to finish a regular burger...

2. City Limits, Newaygo 

Google Maps Street View City Limits Family Restaurant

Again, offering a hefty challenge, City Limits' Triple Bypass Burger Challenge provides 3 and 1/2 pounds of food that must be finished in one sitting. This one took Matt nearly 16 minutes to complete. My stomach hurts just reading this.

3. Downtown Trini's, Sparta

Google Maps Street View of Downtown Trini's

Unassuming from the outside, Downtown Trini's features the Trini and Joe's Taco Wall of Fame. According to the owner, Trini, "To get on the Wall of Fame Taco Challenge, you must eat 13 tacos in the first hour and total 2 hours to consume as many as you can." Matt completed this challenge by eating a total of 41 tacos in 1 hour and 26 minutes. He didn't just beat it, Matt set a new record. That's about 7 pounds of food by the way, in case you were considering an attempt at Matt's crown.

4. Old Iron Bar & Grill, Grant

Google Maps Street View of Old Iron Bar and Grill

Old Iron Bar and Grill issues their Hoginator Sandwich Challenge. It's a BBQ Pork sandwich stacked high with fries on the side that must be finished in one hour. A measly 5 pounds of food, she wrote sarcastically. Should be no problem after consuming 7 pounds of tacos. And sure enough, Matt beat the challenge in 48 minutes and 36 seconds.

All of these challenges are wildly impressive but I think the real secret that needs to be revealed is how this man lost weight eating pounds of food at a time. Matt, if you're reading this, TELL US YOUR SECRETS.

His video conquering Michigan's food challenges should be up in the beginning of November if you want to see him in action. As well, if you think YOU'RE up for the challenge here's a list of other Michigan restaurants that offer additional eating competitions including some that were featured on Man Vs Food.

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