When traveling outside our great state, you might just discover that you know things no one else does!

Of course every state has there own "things" but I think our things in Michigan are better then theirs.

I was recently reading a great article from onlyinourstate.com that was talking about things that only people from the great mitten state know. I agreed with most of them, then discovered a few on my own.

1 - How do you make a Michigan Left?

A. To Make a Michigan left you must drive straight or turn right, then make a U-turn at a median crossover, guided by sign like the one at right.

2 - How do you play Euchre?

A. Grab a deck of cards and start dealing. It is easier to play then to explain how to play, just remember 4 players are always best!

3 - Does Hell freeze over?

A. Yep, every year!

4 - What's the difference between Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island?

A. The argument could go on for hours, but truly it is a matter of taste.

5 - When you are sick what is the only pop that cues all ailments? 

A. Vernor's

If you have something to add to the list I would LOVE to hear it!



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