Slang changing's so fast sometimes and it is hard to understand what your kids are saying. Here are text slang's that every parent needs to know!

Even if you are not text slang savvy, most us know the text 'OMG' (oh my god) or 'PLS' (please). But did you know that 'MIRL'  means 'meet in real life' or that 'NIFOC' means 'nude in front of the computer'.


Parents have the hardest job in the world, and as technology chances, they have to constantly update themselves about what danger's are out there. I read a great article at that listed all the texting slang that should concern parents.

10 Text Slang's Every Parent Needs To Know...

  1. P911 - Parent alert
  2. CD9 - Parents are around
  3. PAL - Parents are listening
  4. PAW - Parents are watching
  5. PIR -  Parent in room
  6. POS - Parents over shoulder
  7. MOS - Mom over shoulder
  8. KPC - Keeping parents clueless
  9. SOS - Someone over shoulder
  10. 182 - I hate you

The article in the Daily mail also stated stated...

"Earlier this year, England's Humberside Police issued parents with a 'sexting dictionary' of code words teenagers use to secretly exchange explicit messages."

I think that might be something that parents of teenagers really fear now days.

10  Important 'Sexting' Slang That Parents Need To Be Aware of...

  1. TDTM - Talk dirty to me
  2. IWSN - I want sex now
  3. 420 - Marijuana
  4. RU/18 - Are you over 18?
  5. WYRN - What's your real name?
  6. GNOC - Get naked on camera
  7. FBOI - A guy who is just looking for sex
  8. ASL - Age/sex/location
  9. FWB - Friends with benefits
  10. FYEO - For your eyes only

And, this text slang is just simply scary...

  1. KMS - Kill myself

There are plenty more text slang's to know about that you can find on the Daily mail web-site, I just listed the ones that frightened me the most!

Maybe we as adults will never fully understand all the 'text slang' that is out there (especially, because slang changes so quickly) but at least we can try and keep up!

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