When you look for directions to "Kings" Hwy you won't find it.

The reason why you won't find "Kings" Hwy on a map is because the correct name of the street is "King" Hwy.

We all know that as Michiganders we like to put an "S" on the end of words. For example many say "Meijers" rather then "Meijer", but to add an "S" to a road sign, is a tad much.

The I-94 business loop in Kalamazoo is also known as "KING" Highway. Not "KINGS" Highway. The easy way to remember that is that it was named after Martin Luther King.

My friend Mark made a great point...

"Here's the problem. Even the City of Kalamazoo isn't clear on that. Check the street signs along the road and most of them say KING Highway....except one. At the intersection of King Highway and Crosstown Parkway this is the street sign."

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