Mark Wahlberg pledges to #justdrive in honor of MSU student Mitchel Kiefer.

In Fall of 2016 Mitchel Kiefer was heading back to school when a distracted driver took his life. According to

"Mitchel's car was struck from behind with such force that it was driven across the median into oncoming traffic and Mitchel's car was broadsided by a truck. Mitchel was killed instantly."

That distracted driver was texting while driving, and caused a loss that will be felt for a lifetime! This month Mitchel would have turned 20-years-old, and now Mark Wahlberg has joined forces with 'The Kiefer Foundation', to urge people not to text and drive.

Steve Kiefer (Mitchel's father) reported to that...

He (Mark Wahlberg)  took a very keen interest in the initiatives being led by The Kiefer Foundation, and actually talked about his young children and how this message was really important to him and his family as future drivers. He said that he was absolutely willing to do whatever he needed to help the foundation and help the cause and he was fully supportive."

The Foundation would like to use the month of April to increase awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and in particular texting and driving.

And on a positive note, the Kiefer Foundation has already made significant changes for the state of Michigan and drivers safety. Mlive confirmed that...

"The Kiefer Foundation and the Michigan Department of Transportation are investing $300,000 into a 1.7-mile-stretch of cable barriers on the portion of the highway where the 18-year-old died. "

It is a shame that it took the death of such a promising and kind young man to see positive changes on our highways.

Will you be part of that change? I will! I pledge to #justdrive.


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