Here are the 7 best slang words to learn if you want to sound like a local in Michigan.

Today, I made the mistake of referring to Pop as Soda. Apparently, that was a HUGE blunder. It turns out, there's a long list of new lingo I need to learn so I don't sound out of place. But surely I can't be THAT far off, right? Here's a list of Michigan slang from I, as a Floridian, am going to take my best shot at defining each one. Let's see how I do! ‍♀️


1. Fudgie

My guess: A description of the last batch of brownies that you made. ❌

The actual definition: A tourist visiting Northern Michigan who can't resist buying the region's famous fudge.


2. Yooper

My guess: This sounds like either a weird local sport or a profession I've never heard of. ❌

The actual definition: Anyone who lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Apparently, they have their own dialect there.


3. Michigan Left

My guess: Someone who turns left on red ❌

The actual definition: It's a U-turn. A U-TURN. I don't understand! It comes from the Michigan road design that allows for U-turns at intersections where cars can't turn left.

Maple syrup pouring onto pancakes. Shallow DOF with focus on syrup and butter.

4. Pank

My guess: Is that short for pancake? ❌

The actual definition: To flatten or compress. Often used when building a snowman or making a path to your front door through the snow after a storm.

American Football on the field with yard line and green grass

5. Walmart Wolverine

My guess: Someone who wears a cheap Wolverine costume. (No offense Walmart) ❌

The actual definition: A name given to Michigan fans who are seen as bandwagon or fair weather Michigan State fans. It comes from the collection of Michigan Wolverine merchandise available at Walmart. (Again, no offense Walmart)


6. Trolls

My guess: The obvious answer is those jerks on the internet who are mean for no  reason ❌

The actual definition: Someone who lives in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. That's just mean!

Misty landscape with fir forest in hipster vintage retro style
Roksana Bashyrova

7. Fir

My guess: That's easy. It's that tree you put up at Christmas time! ❌

The actual definition: For.

Well, I failed and I failed HARD. Notice any slang that's missing from this list? Leave



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