If you are around a Millennial, you are going to need to learn some new words!

I work closely with a few Millennial's, and even though we work for a media company, they use slang every now and again. Also, I am hearing it used on popular TV shows, movies and music. So, now is the time for those of us who are not Millennial's, to understand what the younger crowd is saying.

10 Millennial Slang Words You Need To Know...

  • Totally is now pronounced 'Totes'
  • Really is now 'For Reals'
  • Friends are now called 'Woes'
  • If you ignore someone on purpose it is now called 'Curve'
  • If you support a person you 'Ship' them
  • Greatest of all time is too many words to say, so now it's just 'Goat'
  • Sweetheart is now 'Bae'
  • When you are desperate for something you are 'Thirsty'
  • Instead of saying adorable, you say 'Dobes'
  • If you are disapproving of something you are 'Throwing Shade'

Popmatters.com has a great article about slang through the different generations and stated...

"There are a few interesting examples of how slang can actually like enrich a language by, like, offering a new linguistic function. The term ‘like’ is a good example: one minute it’s a simple verb, and the next minute everyone’s like using it “to introduce not just what we said or thought, but how... the latter for the moments when we want to show as well as tell.”

So, we should get our reading glasses out, and try and learn something new. Who knows, in 20 years the slang words above could be old hat, or a fixture in our language.

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