WWE's John Cena is a mega star. It goes without saying that he's one of the most celebrated superstars in WWE of all time on top of being a successful actor. As far as a musician goes though, his only claim to fame is the banger of an entrance song that started his "You Can't See Me" album off with. But that entrance song may just get a remix from Detroit Rapper, Eminem. At least, we hope it will. In a recent interview John Cena did with Esquire he was touching on a recently made video remix a fan did of Eminem rapping over his song.

Part way into the interview the question was posed "If you were to do this for real, which Eminem verse would you use?" John Cena then took his opportunity to shoot his shot:

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I would simply have him write a verse because he’s one of the most gifted, prolific poets I’ve ever had the chance to listen to and I think if you gave him this music rather than rehashing something he made for a specific beat, I would like to think he would completely put me to shame by giving it his own Eminem touch. So, Em, if you’re down to write some bars, borrow the track. It is a catchy tune. I don’t know, think about it, mull it over, get back to me. Or don’t get back to me, whatever.

I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that Em gets back to him. You can watch the clip of the interview here. John Cena has a big following in Michigan and he even surprised a Michigan audience recently during the premiere of his latest film he stars in, Suicide Squad.

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