At present, fall in the Midwest is certainly living up to its reputation for being unforgiving and unpredictable. Despite the recent blast of warm weather, I can't remember the last time I looked at my weather app and it didn't say "Gale Warning" on it.

Over the past weekend, West Michigan saw some wicked wind speeds. WWMT meteorologist Will Haenni reports speeds ranging anywhere from 53 mph in Grand Rapids to 64 mph in Kalamazoo were recorded by the National Weather Service.

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Thanks to the wind for undoing all the work I'd put into raking over the last several days! Not only did the wind make lawn care more difficult, for one Illinois man it made something as simple as moving a couch undoubtedly more complicated.

Over the weekend the McHenry County Sherriff's Office near Rockford, Illinois posted a friendly reminder to all residents to, "strap down anything you don't want to lose" on windy days, but who knew that disclaimer also needed to include couches!

What should've been a routine move was anything but when the forceful winds lifted the couch from the bed of a truck and into a tree overhead! Not only was it a bizarre sight to see, but some wonder how something like this could even be physically possible! Comments from locals included,

  • "How are those cushions attached??!? …Asking for a tired mom sick of putting all the cushions back on the couch every five minutes." - Becca Meyer
  • "I've heard of couch surfing but this is getting a little wild." - Barry Blessing
  • "Well let's see if state farm insurance has seen this before?" - Brian Brucher

In all, some 30,000 West Michigan residents were left without power due to high winds. The lights certainly flickered at my house a few times! Information on what to do if you see a downed power line can be found here.

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