Are school snow days a thing of the past?

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They very well may be. Thanks to technology - when old man winter hits Michigan, students may be required to learn from home.

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Two words most people were never even familiar with until COVID-19 are remote learning. Who would have thought public and private school students would be homeschooled after all? Furthermore, who would have thought mandatory homeschooling would be a thing after the pandemic?

Not all teachers, parents, and especially students will love this idea IF it does become mandatory in Michigan. If snow days cease to exist in the Great Lakes State, there is one upside - the school year will end on time. There will be no days to make up.

Before you start to panic, a no snow days policy has yet to go into effect anywhere in Michigan (that I am aware of at this time). I am only posing the question if it will.

If you are a parent of a school-age kid and or kids, what do you think about the possibility of no snow days? Will you make sure your kid is working from home or 'screw it', and let your kid(s) play outside?

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