Been using Uber and Lyft a lot for the last 8 years, and I must say I have been a pretty happy customer until lately. I do take a cab sometimes just to spread out my business because Cabbies work hard too.  I am not happy with Uber and Lyft since I moved to Lansing.  Uber/Lyft is something I will stay away from until they find a way to fix the recent problems they have been having.

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Why, So Disappointing?

The last 3 times I went on the app to order a car, it was very disappointing. I was in a minor car accident 5 weeks ago,  so I had to depend on Uber and Lyft 3 times, and I could not get a car.  Why would there be no cars available at 10 am on a Saturday morning?  The next Monday I needed one to go get a rental at noon, and once again no cars available.  When I finally did get one to go 6 miles it was a spiked fair of 33 bucks which I did not mind, but the driver dropped the ride and I ended up calling a cab. says I am not the only one having problems catching a ride lately. Many folks in Michigan have been stranded and aggravated waiting for a ride. Why do you ask? They say there are not enough drivers and the demand for them is high right now.

Like many, If I need a quick ride, I need them to be there, lately, that hasn’t been the case, Friends have been telling me they have had cancellations, and many no-shows for them as well.  When you need to be somewhere it is a terrible feeling to be stuck.

As more Americans are getting vaccinated, cities are opening up and moving to recovery more people are choosing to ride with Uber again, but drivers have not necessarily returned to the platform at the same level,” said Uber Policy Manager Hayley Prim.Uber acknowledges more drivers are needed. The company has launched a $250 million temporary stimulus boost to entice more drivers.

How Much Do Drivers Make?

I get it, we are all trying to get back to normal, but in my defense, I had a terrible week with a few family emergencies and then a car accident, being able to get rides that week would have made it a bit more tolerable. I had been a good customer for years. Like they say when it rains,  it pours.  Yes, I will be a good customer again when they find a way to take care of the current dilemma they are having.

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