Michigan is the state we call home, but more and more people are deciding to leave Michigan.

The latest census data shows that Michigan's overall population grew by 2% since 2010. That sounds good on the surface, but that's a small growth and it doesn't show the number of people that have decided to leave in the last couple of years.

According to a recent moving survey, there are only five other states with more people leaving than Michigan. Those states are New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Connecticut, and California. There are plenty of reasons that people move, but what is it about Michigan that is making us rank so high on the leaving list?

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Why Are People Leaving Michigan in Droves?

The study gives a list of different reasons for people leaving, and they are listed below.

  • Job
  • Retirement
  • Family
  • Lifestyle
  • Health

These are pretty stock or generic reasons, but there must be some truth to it. Michigan has had struggles with high-paying work for younger residents, but the worker shortage recently has definitely flipped that upside down.

Retirement is one reason on this list that I don't think anyone would question. Michigan is full of part-time residents that we all call "Snow-Birds". They chase the warm weather, living in a southern state like Florida in the winter, then back to enjoy the 2-3 weeks of Michigan summers.

Why Would You Decide To Move Out of Michigan?

The survey provides a few reasons for leaving Michigan, but most people I know really don't want to leave. Sure the winters can be a little brutal, but the incredible summers almost make you forget about the cold.

I have a ton of reasons why I love living in Michigan . . . like the fact that there are so few wild animals that can or want to kill you. There are very few deadly natural disasters, and we are surrounded by freshwater! If you believe any post-apocalyptic scenario, freshwater will definitely become our new currency.

I think the only thing that would make me leave Michigan is if my dream job were asking me to leave the state. Take a second and let me know what your main reason for leaving Michigan would be below.

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