I know. I know. For a Lions fan, this news will either make your roll your eyes, or maybe, simply start laughing, and add a sarcastic remark, too. ESPN writer Bill Barnwell says the Detroit Lions could do next year what the San Francisco 49ers did this year, namely go "worst to first".

The 49ers were 4-12 last season and are playing in Sunday's Super Bowl 54.

He points out some similarities, beginning with the 49ers losing their quarterback last season. Losing Jimmy Garoppolo to a season ending injury led to their 4-12 season. Losing Matthew Stafford certainly didn't help the Lions in their 3-12-1 season. (Though some have pointed out, they probably have found a third string quarterback, with David Blough or Jeff Driskell.

Barnwell also points out Kerryon Johnson being out for big chunks of the past two seasons, but the other side of that is, maybe Johnson may not be able to hold up against the physical punishment of the NFL.

Barnwell also mentions many similar shortcomings the 49ers had in 2018. But, of course, any Lions fan can point to inferior talent across the board, especially on the defense.

Sure, everything would have to go right for General Manager Bob Quinn in the upcoming draft, but who knows. It's just one persons opinions, but maybe it'll help Super Bowl week and winter, in general, pass a little quick until we get to the Tigers. Mmmm, nevermind.


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