Every college has there interesting and sometimes unusual facts, that are not widely known. Here are somethings I found out about WMU thanks too the Western Herald...

"East Campus is on the National Register of Historic Places."

Pretty cool to be a student at a place that has gone down in the history books for a good reason!

"WMU students trained for both World War I and World War II on campus."

Men who fought for our country learned their skills on WMU's campus; that is something to be proud of!

"he trolley car in front of the Bernhard Center is a replica of a piece of the transportation system once used to transport students and faculty to the buildings on the East Campus."

The trolley was shut down in 1940, but don't we all wish it was still working?! Forget the bike if you can hop on a trolley!

"The College of Engineering is on land that was farmed and used by the Kalamazoo Regional Psychiatric Hospital."

Ummmmmmm, that's interesting and a tad creepy....if the land could talk!

"President Waldo’s remains are buried in East Hall. His ashes sit behind a plaque on the side of the building overlooking Davis. His remains are under the columns."

Now, that is dedication to your school!

So welcome to Western and hope you learned something!


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