UPDATE: Voting has closed.  Results will be posted before 7 am.

Whether you prefer tacos, gyros, hotdogs, or elephant ears, your favorite food truck needs your vote.  I can almost smell delicious food trucks in the summer air as I type this.  Let's show our favorite food trucks a little love in the form of our votes.  However, before we get to voting, let's check out the rules of this poll.

Favorite Food Truck in Southwest Michigan 2024 Voting Rules

  • Food Trucks must operate in the following counties: Van Buren, Kalamazoo, Calhoun, St Joseph, Branch, Allegan, and Barry.
  • Only one vote per person a day is permitted.
  • Voting will run through Monday, June 10th, 2024.
  • Votes by bots and other 3rd party IP changers are strictly prohibited and could get you removed from the poll.  Votes using bots and other 3rd party poll cheats as well as votes outside of this area will be detected and removed periodically. Please keep it local and honest.


Our third-party voting system is currently running an audit to remove all fraudulent votes before the final results are published.  The number you saw on the poll before voting closed may be different from what is published after the audit.  Final results can be found by clicking the button below.

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While we wait for the results of this poll you can find the results from our last food truck poll in 2022 below.

Southwest Michigan's 10 Favorite Food Trucks in 2022

  1. Skinny Kenny’s BBQ Mattawan
  2. Taqueria El Tejano in Three Rivers
  3. Pig's Head BBQ in Gobles
  4. Weenie King in Three Rivers
  5. MaMazzoni’s Italian Beef Food Truck in Sturgis
  6. Smoked Down BBQ in Kalamazoo
  7. Motor Mouth in Kalamazoo
  8. Scott’s Pig Roast in Marcellus
  9. 2nd Hand Smoke BBQ in Mattawan
  10. Scott's A1 Foodshack in Kalamazoo

You can see the full poll results by clicking here.

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