From the Thumb to the Southwest of Michigan, Michiganders share the same things

Growing up, my summers were spent in Harbor Beach Michigan with the family. If you are not familiar with Harbor Beach, describes this small town.

Harbor Beach is located on Lake Huron on Michigan's sunrise side.
It is the world's largest man-made fresh water harbor with a working 19th Century Lighthouse. Great camping facilities and sandy beaches makes Harbor Beach a great choice for your family vacation.

It was always a treat to go to town and it a must that we stop at the 'Lion Fountain' for a sip of water (even if you were not thirsty you took a taste).

Then it happened...this summer I discovered another 'Lion Fountain' right here in Battle Creek!


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would find another Lion drinking fountain, then it happened last week! While enjoying Binder Park Zoo, I stumbled upon an old friend, the Lion!

I am so happy that a town I spent my summers in shares an awesome childhood memory with the town I now call home. Next time you are at Binder Park Zoo, or up in thumb, stop for a sip!

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