Earlier this Spring, watching the "The Last Dance" documentary series on ESPN, one of the things that really stuck out was how much the Pistons (and the Bulls, even more so) mattered back then. The Bad Boys of the late 80's, and Michael and the Jordan-aires. Good times. But that was 30 years ago. And the championship that Joe Dumars and Larry Brown coaxed out of the 2004 team, well, Big Ben, Chauncey, Rip,Tayshaun, the immortal Zejlko Rebraca - that was 16 years ago, almost a generation.

(By the way, you realize Darko Milicic has a ring?)

The picture above, is from The Palace. What does that tell you? The last consistent winning coach was the late Flip Saunders, though Stan Van Gundy did have one good season a few years ago.

So, the official press conference is next week, but the Detroit Pistons announced today that Troy Weaver is the new General Manager.He comes from the Oklahoma City Thunder. His claim to fame is he pushed real hard for Russell Westbrook, who became a legitimate superstar in the Association.

Now, what are the odds that he can find lightning in a bottle twice?

The Detroit News says the Pistons have been after Weaver for a while, pretty much since they fired Van Gundy in 2018. Now, team owner Tom Gores has handed him the keys.

The Bulls hired a new team president about a month ago. I remember how much fun the rivalry was when it was The Bad Boys and the Bulls. Here's hoping that happens again.

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