Massive damage and power outages in Ohio and Indiana after tornadoes ripped through the Midwest overnight.

5 million people are without power this morning (5/28/19) in Ohio alone according to,

A rapid-fire line of apparent tornadoes tore across Indiana and Ohio overnight, packed so closely together that one crossed the path carved by another.

The city of Dayton, OH is asking customers to use as little water as possible due to the power outages at the water plant and pump stations.  The city is currently using snow plows to clear debris.  No fatalities have been reported.

This twitter video shows damage in Dayton, OH that looks like a war zone.


Pendleton, a small town just out side of Indianapolis, Indiana has suffered massive damage after heavy winds, hail and at least one tornado touched down.

So far, no injuries have been reported.  Just lots of damage.

About 1,400 residents were without power in Indiana last night.

In all, 51 tornadoes were reported in a hand full of Midwest states.  We will keep you updated on the aftermath of this terrible situation.

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