This is so Lions. One last piece of unfinished 2020 business resolved itself Sunday when Detroit Lions kicker Matt Prater won a season long bet with Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus, to see which of them would kick the longest field goal this season. Prater's 59 yard field goal versus Washington in week 10 turned out to be the winner.

After the two kickers made the wager, Bud Light got word of it, and made it a promotion. Prater's 177 foot boot got the city of Detroit a free Bud Light.

Dilly. Dilly.

With all due respect to AB-InBev, Budweiser and Bud Light, this is Michigan, Denver is in Colorado. There are some pretty great beers in both these states, and the prize is winning a light beer?

Just in the most recent top beers list, three of the top 10 are from Michigan, two from down the street, at Bell's.

Prater is one of the only bright spots from a pretty awful Lions team that just wrapped up a 5-11 season that saw them fire both their general manager and coach, not to mention a rogue special teams coordinator. Seems to me Prater and his leg are worthy of more than a light beer. Maybe not Two-Hearted or HopSlam, but at the very least an Oberon. or if you want to keep this closer to Detroit, how about a Vanilla Java Porter from the Motor City's own Atwater Brewing.

Big changes are coming to the Lions in the next few weeks. Here's hoping there will more reasons for Lions fans to raise a glass of their own favorite in the coming years.

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