By now, I would think that just about everyone has at least seen that clip from Despicable Me when Agnes, the youngest character, exclaims her excitement over a fluffy, stuffed unicorn. Here's a refresher...

So imagine me, a grown woman, yelling even louder than Agnes about this little FLUFFY FLOOF that strutted into our studio today.

Chichi 2

This is Chichi. He's about 3 months old and was recently surrendered by the owner to the SPCA of Southwest Michigan due to owner's allergy issues. I will say this about Chichi...that boy has some energy!

He was incredibly playful from the moment he walked in to our studio to the time he left. So, keep in mind, that if you plan to adopt him he will require lots of attention and training too. But, man, what a sweetie! Chichi is up to date on shots and ready to be adopted. If you think Chichi would be right for you then stop by the SPCA of SW Michigan and say hello! Keep in mind, if you rent you will need to bring a copy of your lease. If you own your home, you're good to go!

Chichi 1

Now, I know a puppy isn't going to be right for every family. But, the SPCA has plenty of animals that are looking for their forever homes. See all the animals available for adoption here.

Also, as we know, it's getting colder every day. If you know of an outdoor animal that needs warm shelter, please contact the SPCA immediately. They have this incredible program called Cold Noses Warm Hearts. The SPCA staff and volunteers will coordinate food and build warm shelters. You can contact them here.

And, as always, if you can't adopt an animal right now but know someone who can, please share this article! We want every animal to find their forever home. 💕

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