I'm convinced that the people that live in my apartment complex have no idea how to park cars. You would think that after driving for years, you'd be able to master the task that is literally the most important part of leaving your car. I see it a lot in Kalamazoo. But really, I think it's less of an ability to park, and more a lack of concern for the way they park.

Two days ago after coming home from work this is what I had to pull up next to:

Mark Frankhouse/TSM

Seriously? It's like the car was walking up to the parking spots, tripped over its own feet and fell into the current position. There wasn't even an attempt to make it look like you weren't there for nefarious purposes.

Then yesterday as I'm waiting on my porch, I witness the next car pull up, reverse, then drive sideways and leave the car like this:

Mark Frankhouse/TSM

Like, I get it. There aren't many people who live by us; still. It just makes the whole place look trashy just having cars laying all over the place. Just take the 3 seconds and respect for those who live around you to put your toys away when you're done playing with them.