How many times have you been sweating it out during the summer months wishing you had your own pool to cool off in? Thanks to a trendy new app you can find one to call your own even for just a day, and you can do it right here locally.

When the pandemic hit many local pools closed and summer vacations were put on hold leaving people looking for alternate ways to "chill" in the sun. If you didn't have your own backyard oasis you were straight out of luck. That's when Swimply made its name, and it continues to be a great way to enjoy pool time without owning one.

The concept is easy...think Airbnb for swimming pools. Swimply is an app that lets home owners lease their pools on an hourly basis. Since 2020, it has reportedly received 122,000 bookings.

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According to The Motely Fool, there are some 13,000 hosts in 125 U.S. markets  leasing out their pools through Swimply at $35 to $50 an hour, with local families making up the primary customer base. Some of these hosts are literally making $50,000 to $100,000 per season while renting their private pools. Sweet deal!

After hearing this I had to check it out to see if there were any "renters" in the area, and there are quite a few, but one instantly jumped out at me as a must see! There's a little bit of Disney magic right in our own backyard.

Disney Magic in Fenton

The Swimply bio describes it as,

  "A one of a kind experience pool. Handcrafted by artists with a main pool and slide to a lower pool and a grotto modeled after the Mine Ride at Disney. For a Disney lover, this is a must see and truly exceptional experience."

The saltwater pool, complete with waterfall and water slide, takes magic to a whole other level! The pool rents for $200 per hour and you can enjoy the little slice of Disney pool heaven with up to 40 friends. View available dates and booking information here.

Take a look at all the "magic" below.

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