There are a lot of commendable awards that cities strive for. Cleanest water, most parks, most diverse selection of restaurants, best main street and so on. Having the most rats...isn't one of them.

Unfortunately, another unforeseen effect of the year 2020 has been an increase of rats in commercial properties. That's according to a yearly study done by Orkin, a pest control company. They compile this list based on rodent treatments performed at both residences and commercial properties for an entire year. Ben Hottel, an Orkin entomologist, spoke with and explained the reason for the increase of the number of rats.

Rodents are experts at sniffing out food and shelter, and they’re resilient in their ways to obtain both. Residential properties offer the ideal habitat for rodents, and once they’ve settled in, they’re capable of reproducing rapidly and in large quantities.

He went on to say that because of cold weather these rats will be even more desperate to find adequate shelter.

A list of cities with the most rats has been released and I'm sorry to say that 3 Michigan cities have made the list. 😳

The lowest Michigan city on the list is Flint coming in at number 42. A little higher on the list is Grand Rapids at number 29. And the Michigan city with the most rats...Detroit. Sorry y'all. You came in at number 6 on the list of cities in America with the most rats.

Chicago remains the defending champ securing it's number one spot for the 6th year in a row. Congrats? You can see Orkin's full list here.

If you happen to live in Detroit, Grand Rapids or Flint - don't despair for I have a solution! See, I know for a fact there are plenty of cats in local shelters looking for homes. Simply adopt a new cat to add to your family and the problem takes care of itself! Easy peasy!

All joking aside, the CDC has some helpful hints for dealing with a rodent infestation since they are disease carriers and can cause serious damage to homes. Check those out here. In the meantime don't leave out any food, adopt a cat, and be thankful you're not in Chicago.

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