Great entertainment, great food, and the best part...Great people!

Saturday night I got to go to the Caribbean Festival in Battle Creek and it was so cool!


Irie Trinity: These ladies are incredible! All the way from St. Louis, this trio blew away the crowd! Often compared to Bob Marley's backing vocalist, the 'I Threes', they proved to be better. Certainly a crowd favorite, and a great way to start the night.

Dee Clef:  This guy was born and raised in Jamaica, and brought a great vibe to the festival. Dee has been performing since he was 11 years old and it showed.

Indika Reggae Band:  This band blew the crowds mind! In 2016 they were voted Chicago's 'Best Reggae Band' and shared their talents as the backing band for 'Irie Trinity' for the Caribbean Festival. They were super fun to here and the audience couldn't still, everyone was on their feet dancing!

Anthem: Not only are they a family band that has been touring Europe and the United States for many years, they had a #1 song in 2016. They were incredible and a great way to end a fun day!

Sunshine Fire: Wow! I have never seen a fire act and I was more impressed then I thought I would be. You could not look-a-way, it was incredible to see how those gentlemen handled the flames.



Thank you to 'Akers Vacations ', they gave-a-way a $300 travel voucher as well as a gift basket from Royal Caribbean.

There were plenty of vendors to spend your money at as well!

Thank Battle Creek!


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