While local Pokemon Go fans in Bronson Park awaited the release of new Pokemons (based on events in Chicago), we had a chance to enjoy wonderful tamales from a food truck and sunshine from Mother Nature. The fans, though, anticipating the Pokemons were disappointed, as the main event at Chicago's Grant Park was an epic failure.A first-ever ticketed event went sour, plagued by server failures and computer bugs, for many of the 20,000 attendees.Many stood in mile long lines, and as problems began to occur, chants of "Fix The Game!" became louder and louder.

Cellular traffic was blamed for some of the problems, and ultimately, game maker Niantic did refunds for all the tickets purchased.

Pokemon Go Players at Bronson Park, Kalamazoo
Fans looking for and capturing Pokemons at Bronson Park, Kalamazoo on Saturday. Photo: Dave Benson/TSM

Pokemon Go fanatics were drawn to the Chicago event to catch Pokemon not available universally, and for the chance to catch legendary Pokemon. What is disappointing for local "trainers" is that after certain Pokemon were caught in Chicago, they were to be available here in locations like Bronson Park, Arcadia Creek and the WMU campus.


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