What gal would turn down hot, fresh, wood-fire grilled pizza? Certainly not these two!

Tess Taylor and I felt the craving for pizza, so we decided to check out the Kalamazoo Pizza Co. and we were not disappointed!

We were impressed with how great the staff was, but the pizza was even better! The pizza was HUGE, and unbelievably delicious! Super cheesy, and they did not skimp on the toppings. The smell and look of the pie was so good, we could not wait to get home to try it, so we just dug in!


Kalamazoo Pizza Company is located at 2120 South Sprinkle Road (269-978-7600) and the company describes their pizza perfectly...

"Each pizza is made from scratch with Italian herbs fused into the hand-tossed dough. After covering it in our secret sauce featuring a sweet garlic blend, we finish with fresh, locally grown and thinly sliced toppings. Then they are quickly wood-fire grilled to create the signature crispy crust our customers have grown to love."

Yelp.com received some great reviews about the Kalamazoo Pizza Company!

Megan M wrote... "The wood fired pizza is great! The whole round of kids enjoyed it. The sauce and cheese are both amazing flavors. Nice job Kalamazoo Pizza Company!"

Debbie C said..."Drive through...yes!  The pizza crust is the best.  Crisp and perfectly cooked.  Not too much sauce and ample ordered toppings.  It tasted home made but better. One person in our party is not crazy about pizza but loved it. Worth ordering.  Yum!"

Jen R reported..."Delicious! Fast and reasonable prices. Bread sticks were great. A little lacking on side options (salads) and whatnot, but lots of topping available for your custom/personal pizza."


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