Spooky season is upon us! Front yards across The Mitten are filled with giant 12 foot skeletons, ghouls, and other frightful sights-- but what's the scariest thing we can expect to see this Halloween?

The terrifying price tag on your Halloween candy!

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World Sugar Shortage

Who's to blame for your sticker shock? Mother Nature, apparently.

Call it what you will-- global warming or climate crisis-- the warmer weather is wreaking havoc on crops across the globe and yes, that includes sugar cane. Chief Meteorologist at Everstream Analytics, John Davis explains,

This has been a very tough year for global sugar. If you look at the top ten producing countries this year, six of them have had extreme weather and the ramification of that is higher prices for anything that you use sugar for, including candy.

Just how high are sugar prices this year? Well, according to the International Sugar Association they're at a 12 year high! In the past year alone sugar prices have jumped 42% which is bad news for those of us who have a sweet tooth or, in this case, plan to pass out Halloween candy this year.

But, good news for trick-or-treaters!

Actually, if you have a hankering for Halloween candy but don't want to cough up the cash for it your best bet is to quick throw together a costume and plan to go door to door like the rest of us. And by rest of us I mean the children.

Question? How old is too old to go out trick or treating? Asking for, well, me.

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