There are some anomalies that can easily be explained when it comes to the way water reacts when winter comes along, but one Michigan man was left puzzled after he noticed strange designs left on the top level of ice in his pond. Brad Johnson is convinced that aliens visited his pond after he went outside with his daughter just outside of Caro, Michigan and noticed something strange about the ice:

Three days prior to the discovery, Brad checked the ice to see if it was safe to skate. There was a fifty cent piece size hole, near the deep end, so him and his daughter didn’t skate. At that time, there were zero markings on the pond. There was a hole however, around where the center of the flower design is now. Two days ago he shoveled the first quarter of the pond and the wind was going crazy, so he left it alone. Again at that time, he didn’t notice any of those markings.


Today we revealed all those scale markings while doing a full clearing for hockey. They are gouged out of the top and packed with snow. I live in the country and don’t really have neighbors. It would have taken someone an insane amount of time to do that. It has to be some natural cause, or Aliens!!!! I’m going to contact conservation district tomorrow and see if they can get me in touch with someone at MSU.

Does anyone know what may have caused these beautiful designs? PLEASE let us know by texting us using the chat button on our app!

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Used with Permission Brad Johnson
Used with Permission Brad Johnson

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