This week someone decided to trespass on someone's property and steal a Hornet camper around the Bloomingdale/Allegan/Pullman area. Jessica Ann Schultz had only had the camper a short time, purchasing it in 2020 and it's already been taken. The person who committed the crime wasn't too bright though ass they left behind a crucial damning piece of evidence once police and break into it. In a post she made recently, she described the situation:

For the people who stole my camper overnight, you dropped your phone like a idiot. The police now have it and will be cracking it. We just ask that you return the camper or we will press charges once the police crack the phone.
If anyone see a Hornet Camper, around Bloomingdale/Allegan/Pullman, please contact me. This is old picture from when we bought it last year, it has been clean since and moved to where it was staying before it was stolen. The tires are flat so I don't even know how they were able to move it.
Jessica Ann Schultz
Jessica Ann Schultz

Unreal, the thief dropped their phone. Hopefully the police can track down who it belonged to so she can get her camper back. People, it's hard enough out there but stealing someone's camper is the last thing anyone needs. The only proper thing to do is to return it take the L.

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