People of Lansing...I have some questions.

Yesterday, as I was doom scrolling through Facebook, I came across a somewhat confusing post from the page, Lansing Facts:

Obviously, this made me go, "huh?" So, I began my deep dive into what the heck a #SaginawMichelleGellar is.

From what I'm gathering, this is something that's well-known in the Lansing area. A Google search led me to an older Reddit post from about four months ago:

Apparently, this Sarah Michelle Gellar cutout has been in this doorway for years. At least, that's according to one comment:

I would love to know the story behind this! That has been in the doorway for at least a decade. - r/bungallobeaverv2

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A decade? No wonder it's so well-known in the area. Continuing on the search, I found an article that claims the cutout was originally placed in the door to block out light and provide privacy until the owner purchased curtains. Evidently, it stuck because there she still sits.

Why is it the Saginaw Michelle Gellar if it's in Lansing?

A fair question. According to the above-mentioned article, it's because the house where the cutout resides is at the intersection of Saginaw and Jenison in Lansing. Sure enough, you can even see her on Google Maps:

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

Going back to the Facebook post from Lansing Facts, Daniel J. Luke seems to be the owner of the house or at least the genius mind behind the cutout. Just three days ago (10/23) he tweeted:

And now we've come full circle. I don't know if these were purchased, found, or donated but, regardless, I think it's safe to assume that those passing by this house in Lansing should expect to see Sarah Michelle Gellar staring back at them for many years to come.

I wonder how Buffy would feel about this...

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