What happened?! Battle Creek residents are puzzled after popular local donut shop Rock N Roll Donuts appears to have abruptly closed their doors. Does this count as another Covid restaurant casualty?

Not surprisingly, Battle Creek locals quickly turned to social media for answers. In a Facebook post Lily Ludwig asked,

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Is Rock n Roll doughnuts closed? The last few mornings they have been closed:(

Between all the staffing and supply chain shortages, it's not uncommon for restaurants to operate under irregular hours these days so it's only natural for residents to be questioning whether the closure is permanent or not. Lyanne Wesley replied,

My sister went there two days ago. Limited hours?

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. After some quick searching I found that the restaurant is not only closed, but the business is up for sale too!

According to the property listing the 2,401 sq. foot building has received nearly $600,000 in updates including new roof, HVAC, and kitchen equipment. After years of hard work the owner has decided to retire, thus the shop's closure. At $499,000 this turn key operation is priced to sell--  how unfortunate! Just like one commenter, Brian Heckman said, "Nothing last in that building very long."

A popular place for a donut shop, the building has seen everything from Dawn's Donuts to Tom's Donuts, and was most recently transformed into Rock N Roll Donuts which celebrated its grand opening in March 2021. With the majority of folks loving donuts, is it just the building itself that's doomed to fail?

After news of the shop's closure broke, here's what residents had to say:

  • "I'm going to miss their donuts. They were so good and so cheap. Plus i could get my military discount" - Stacy Nicole
  • "I’m so bummed about this. Best donut in town" - Ally Green
  • "So sad and so are my kids!" - Brittany Miller

Battle Creek's Rock N Roll Donuts Closes

After just over a year in business the owner has decided to retire.

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