Fight the urge to stock up the next time you're at the store!

I say that as a reminder not only to you, but to myself as well. I've been pretty good about practicing self-restraint lately but I can assure you it's not easy.

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However, this latest news from health experts will definitely make me think twice the next time I go to reach for the shelves of the home goods aisle at my local Meijer, TJ Maxx, or even Dollar Tree.

That's part of the problem, these things are everywhere! Whether they're for aromatherapy or simply for decoration only, look around your office, home, or bedroom and tell me how many scented candles do you see?

According to the Daily Mail public health specialists in Hungary are warning that burning candles and aromatics may put a strain on our bodies detoxification systems and may cause irritation of the eyes and throat, migraines, and increase risk of respiratory diseases.

scented candles

Dr. Pándics, head of the public health sciences department at Semmelweis University says,

the constant exposure to these chemicals, is what leads to potential health risk of these products...Unlike living next to a busy road where we can only alter air quality by moving, this is an impact we create. We can decide not to

Instead, Pándics advises cozy candle lovers to opt for electric candles instead that still give off a gentle glow minus chemical fragrances; or at least open a window! Adds the Daily Mail,

Many fragrances in common household and personal care products include limonene and alpha pinene, which are responsible for citrus and pine scents, and can react with indoor air to form new chemicals like formaldehyde.

And here I just thought they were pretty.

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