The "Big Day" is over. So, now what?

Isn't it crazy how much thought and preparation and planning and time and effort goes into just one day?!

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No matter when you choose to take down your holiday decorations (that's a separate debate) the conundrum most folks are faced with on December 26th is:

What do I do with my Christmas tree?!

Michigan is the 3rd largest supplier of Christmas trees in the nation, so we know there are plenty of trees in need of disposing of. When it comes to Christmas trees, don't just chuck it in the trash; you've got options! Here's what they include in the SW Michigan area:


In years past the City of Kalamazoo has offered tree recycling at the site of the Kalamazoo Farmers Market, but that has now been moved to the parking lot at  parking lot at 322 E Stockbridge Ave. Residents can drop off their live trees through January 31, 2024 but make sure all decorations and ornaments have been removed first!

Residents that wish to recycle artificial trees must place them out to the curb for their regularly scheduled collection. Adds the City, "Items must be neatly stacked in the curblawn. Larger items must be broken down or disassembled, or cut down to 4’ lengths."


The City of Portage will begin curbside collection of Christmas trees, as well as quarterly brush pick-up in January 2024. The city has been divided into 4 different collection zones, find your date and time here.

Wildlife Rescues

Quite often various animal rescues and zoos will accept your live Christmas trees as part of enrichment activities or to build habitats for the animals. In the past nearby rescues like All Creatures Deserving have accepted trees. Check here for more information.

Did You Know: These Items Can't Be Recycled Curbside Here In Michigan

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