There's no doubt Wiz Khalifa knows his marijuana. I dare you to find a photo or video on his Instagram account where he isn't smoking, or there isn't at least some smoke around him.

So with such knowledge on weed, it's no surprise he's bringing his own line to the Great Lakes State, and he premiered it in Grand Rapids this past weekend.

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You won't get your hands on his personal stash, but Wiz's on brand of Cannabis, Khalifa Kush, is now available in Michigan, specifically at Gage Cannabis locations.

Khalifa made an appearance in Grand Rapids this past weekend to debut his brand in the Mitten. He stopped by a local Gage shop and stayed for the premiere, and to interact with fans for several hours. Per the Gage Instagram account: " Created for Wiz himself back in 2012, Khalifa Kush [is] a potent, all-day Indica Dominant Hybrid OG with a classic terpene profile." And appropriately, the packaging for the Khalifa Kush comes in his customary Black and Yellow colors.  

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Wiz isn't the first rapper to premiere his product in Michigan. Method Man also now has a line of cannabis products available only in the state.

His TICAL "Sweet Island Skunk" is exclusive only to Michigan, and can only be found in black-owned cannabis businesses in the Detroit area.

TICAL stands for "Taking Into Consideration All Lives" from Meth's 1994 album of the same name.

So now, a number of rappers and celebrities have debuted their own lines of weed in the state of Michigan. What celebrity would you like to see premiere a cannabis line next?

Celebrities with Cannabis Lines in Michigan

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