Yes the puppies are still at my house. They have been relocated to the basement. Just because it is easier clean up than off a tarp. That and we don’t want puppy poop on the hardwood floor. In case you didn't know I have been fostering puppies from the SPCA at my house for about a month now. Well I can't really say I am. I'm there, my wife Kaysie does all the work.

They are getting really big and almost ready for adoption! Kaysie has been trying to line up some people who might be interested in adopting. I’ll have the adoption info in a week or 2 if you are interested in adopting a puppy from the SPCA of Southwest Michigan.

Kita and Copper, our 2 dogs will miss them when they are gone, but not really because they will go back to getting all the attention! Here are some updated pics of the pups!

If you are thinking about adopting through the SPCA check out Dana Marshall's experience!

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