Voting has closed and the results are in.  Did your favorite personal trainer in the Kalamazoo area make the top 5?

National Personal Trainer Day was Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024.  Let's take a moment and show a little appreciation for the personal trainers who work tirelessly to make us work tirelessly toward being healthier.  Voting for your favorite personal trainer is way easier than doing a set of burpees.  After nearly 2,500 votes, Southwest Michigan has spoken.

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5 Favorite Southwest Michigan Personal Trainers

#5. Betsy Maxwell at Lawton Bootcamp

Besty pulled far ahead of the #6 position by almost doubling their votes as she received 13.16%

#4. Ezekiel Weldon at Burn Boot Camp in Portage

Ezekiel had a strong showing after not landing in the top 5 last year as he pulled in nearly 15% of the vote.  Great job.

#3. Hanna Brynn at Great Gains Fitness in Otsego

Hanna had a pretty big come-from-behind surge in the last 5 days to grab the #3 spot with 17.73% of the vote.

#2. Madison Hull at Fit Body Boot Camp in Plainwell

Madison came out of nowhere and nearly grabbed the top spot.  Impressive showing for sure.  Madison received 18.46% of the vote.

#1. Samuel Schlatter at Burn Boot Camp in Portage

Samuel was also #1 on this last year but almost lost the title to Madison as the #1 and #2 positions constantly went back and forth. Sam pulled in 18.92% of the vote this year.

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Important note: A third-party voting system will be running an audit at 5 AM to remove fraudulent votes from bots, IP changers...etc.  The results posted at 6 AM will likely be different from the results at 5 AM.

Favorite Personal Trainer Voting

  • One vote per person / per day.
  • Fraudulent votes from bots, IP changers...etc can be detected and will be deleted periodically throughout this poll.
  • Contestants may be disqualified and removed from the poll if fraudulent voting of any kind is detected.
  • Voting ends Friday, January 19th at 5 AM.

Favorite Personal Trainer Nominations

  • We are looking for nominations of your favorite personal trainer currently working in Southwest Michigan only.  For the sake of this poll, we are including Van Buren, Kalamazoo, Calhoun, St. Joseph, Branch, Berrien, Allegan, and Barry counties only.
  • Only one nomination per personal trainer is needed.
  • The nomination period runs from Wednesday, December 27th through Thursday, January 4th.  Late nominations will be accepted through Thursday, January 11th.
  • Only completed nominations containing the trainer's name, gym, and city will be included in the poll.

Please check out last year's top 5.

5 Favorite Personal Trainers in Southwest Michigan - 2023

#5. Hannah Stevens at Burn Boot Camp Battle Creek: 10.64% of the vote.

#4. Jackie Tighe at Fit Body Bootcamp in Portage: 13.62% of the vote.

#3. Ray Yager at Burn Boot Camp Battle Creek in Battle Creek: 13.88% of the vote.

#2. Deanna York at Holmes Fitness in Battle Creek: 14.84% of the vote.

#1. Sam Schlatter at Burn Boot Camp in Portage: 15.15% of the vote.

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